Aspinwall Fire Department Apparatus

Current Apparatus

Engine 102-1


1500 GPM Front Line Pumper with in-line Class A & Class B foam system, 500 Gallon Water Tank, reservoirs for Class A and Class B foam , six person cab, electric generator and light tower, 24' and 14' ladders, RIT tools and a full compliment of hose, firefighting tools, appliances and equipment.

This unit is currently housed at Station 1

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Rescue 102


Five person commercial cab and chassis carrying Hurst Rescue system of Spreaders, Cutters and Rams, Cribbing, High-pressure Air Bags, Cascade System, PTO Generator, Para-Tech Struts, PFD's, Initial Incident Rope Rescue Equipment, and 5 ton winch.  This unit is QRS (Quick Response Service) certified.

Currently housed at Station 1.

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Engine 102-2

  HME - 4 Guys

1500 GPM Front Line Pumper with 500 gallon water tank, six person cab, generator, quartz scene lights, 35' and 14' ladders & full compliment of hose, tools and equipment.

 This unit is currently housed in Station 2

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Squad 102

  Ford F-350 Custom Body

Squad 102 is a 2012 Ford F-350 4x4 with custom aluminum body built by Keystone Fire Apparatus. It replaces our existing Special Operations Vehicle and will act as a Light Rescue/Wildland Interface/Support Vehicle. It has two-telescoping LED Flood Lights, carries a Hurst Combi-Tool and Portable Hydraulic Pump, high lift jacks, hand tools, air cutter, oil dry and additional cribbing.  For Traffic Control it carries 12 28" traffic cones, Stop/Slow Paddles, portable "Accident Ahead" Sign and road flares. For Wildland fires it carries 500+ feet of 1" forestry line, 5 gallon soft Indian tank, "Pulaski" axes, shovels, brush rakes and brooms....

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Fire Safety Trailer


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