Aspinwall VFD Live-In Program

Monday, August 15, 2011  In an effort to bring in new, qualified members, increase response times and provide for the maintenance of the station and apparatus, the Aspinwall Volunteer Fire Department has invested in bringing to light a "Live-In Program" at fire station #1. 

Private, furnished bunk rooms can accommodate five Live-In Members, with access to shower, modern kitchen, weight and recreation room.  A quiet study area has also been set up in the bunkroom area. The station is located on three major bus lines to Downtown Pittsburgh and Oakland.  Laundry facilities are a level, two block walk off site. Room and board come at no charge; in exchange the department asks that you give it 4-hours of "on-duty" time, 5 days out of each week, perform basic housekeeping of the station and maintenance of the fire equipment and apparatus, and provide for your own food and drink.

The Aspinwall Volunteer Fire Department operates two modern 1500 GPM Engines, a Medium Rescue, and Squad to all manner of emergency incidents, fires, motor vehicle accidents, rapid intervention and QRS.  Our response area covers approximately 25 square miles including the Allegheny River and 6-miles of PA Route 28, and we average 600 incidents per year. (Not including QRS)

If you're a trained firefighter and want to get out on your own, or a trained firefighter and a student attending college or thinking about attending college in the Pittsburgh Area, consider sharing your time and talents with the Aspinwall Volunteer Fire Department.  Call 412-781-0447, mail an inquiry to Chief - Aspinwall VFD, 217 Commercial Ave, Aspinwall, PA 15215, or check the "Downloads" area of our website to review our Membership Application, the Live-In program SOG's and Contract, and our New Member's Packet.



Engine and Rescue Run Dryer Fire In The 265 Box

Friday, August 28, 2015  At 05:48 Allegheny County Communications alerted 102 Engine (Aspinwall), 265 Truck(Sharpsburg) 111 Engine 2(Blawnox), 217 Engine(Pleasant Valley), 260 Truck(Cherry City), and 191 R.I.T.(Millvale), for the reported apartment building on fire in the 1900 block of Main Street in the 265 Box(Sharpsburg Borough). Initial reports after dispatch came from Police reporting heavy smoke from the basement. 102 Engine took a position on the Alpha Side of the building, and stretched a 2" attack line through the front door of the complex. 102 Chief(Marsico) lead his Engine crew to the basement and started searching for the source. A moderate to minor smoke condition was observed. 265 Truck also took the Alpha Side and made entry to the upper floors to search and evacuate. The Engine crew located a dryer smoking in the utility room. The dryer was quickly de-energized and moved away from the wall. 102 Engine lineman(Himes) handled extinguishing the material burning inside the dryer. 265 Truck handled ventilation after extinguishment. All companies took up and were ready at 06:22. 265 Chief(Costanzo) had the Main Street command and 265 Assistant(Bagnato) had the operations. Companies On Scene: 102 Engine, 102 Rescue, 265 Truck, 217 Engine, 111 Engine 2, 260 Truck, 191 Rescue Engine



Station 102 responds to MVA with Multiple Injuries

Tuesday, June 23, 2015 18:09 FREEPORT ROAD, PA--

At 18:09 Hours, Stations 102, 111, 157, 180 EMS and O Hara PD were alerted to respond to the 1100 block of Freeport Road for a Motor Vehicle Accident with Multiple Injuries. 111 Engine 2 arrived on scene with two vehicle accident with heavy damage and three patients. 102 Rescue and 102 Engine 1 arrived on scene and assisted in containment, patient care and traffic control. 102 units cleared the scene at 18:45 Hours.



Storms Bring Station 102 Multiple Runs

Tuesday, June 23, 2015 12:54 O HARA- BLAWNOX LINE, PA--

At 12:54 Hours, a line of strong storms pushed through the area causing numerous calls to occur on the O Hara and Blawnox area. Companies that answered these calls were: 102, 111, 217, 218, 265, 260, 149, 315.

Incident 1: 100 block Mattier Drive-Live Wires and Tree Down-102 and 111

Incident 2: Rt 28 Southbound- MVA with Unknown Status-102 and 111

Incident 3: 200 blk Rockingham Rd- Tree and Wires Down-217, 218, 157

Incident 4: 400 blk Walnut, Blawnox-Tree and Awning Down-149, 260, 265, 315

Incident 5: 200 blk Summit Dr, Blawnox-Tree into House-149, 260, 265

Incident 6: 0 blk Beta Drive-Transformer Fire-102 Rescue, 149 Rescue

Incident 7: 100 W 3rd St- Fire Misc-102 Engine 1

Incident 8: 300 blk Lewis Ave-CO Alarm-102 Engine 1

Incident 9: 1000 Gamma Dr-AFA to Possible Commercial Fire/People Trapped in Elevator- 111, 102, 217, 218, 260, 265, 149, 157, 315

102 Units On Details: 102 Engine 1, 102 Engine 2, 102 Rescue

Great job by all companies on this sudden and destructive storm.



Station 102 responds to Public Service Detail

Friday, June 19, 2015 13:35 O HARA TOWNSHIP, PA--

At 13:35 Hours, Stations 102, 111, 217, 218 and 157 along with 180 EMS and O Hara PD to respond to Rita's Italian Ice for a search detail. Upon arrival, O Hara PD gave FD members a description of the missing male and his last location. 102 Rescue sent two members on foot to check the business area while 102 Rescue with three members checked the Oakhill Manor section of the township. 102 Chief took the Fox Chapel Yacht Club area. The other companies were given other areas to search. 102 Chief asked around and found the missing male in a boatyard. Once the missing male was loaded into the ambulance, 111 Chief terminated command and all units cleared at 14:19 Hours.

Good Job to all those involved !

102 Units on scene: 102 Rescue and 102 Squad

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Station 102 responds to Vehicle Into Structure

Thursday, June 18, 2015 06:11 SHARPSBURG, PA--

At 06:11 Hours, Stations 102, 265, 149 and 260 were alerted to respond to the 200 block of 13th Street in Sharpsburg for a Tractor Trailer into a Structure. Upon arrival of fire units, a tractor trailer had turned onto 13th Street and hit the building causing heavy front end damage to the structure. Brick and glass were all over the street and the FD assisted in setting up a safe scene. 265 requested utilities and borough engineer due to the damage. 102 units cleared the scene at 07:07



Station 102 responds to Hazmat Incident

Monday, June 15, 2015 14:57 O HARA TOWNSHIP, PA--

At 14:57 Hours, Stations 102, 111, 157, and 180 EMS were alerted to respond to the 600 block of Walnut St in O Hara Township for a Chlorine bucket on fire. 111 C-1 arrived on scene and reported an active fire in a 5 gallon bucket of Shock Chlorine on side Charlie. He requested all incoming manpower to wear full SCBA's.  111 Engine 2 arrived on scene next and pulled 200 feet of 1 3/4 inch handline to the rear of the house to knock down the fire. The chlorine chemical burned through the container and continued to show extreme heat after knock down. A crew from 157 Engine stayed in the back of the house to keep the chemical cool and monitor the heat with a TIC. 102 Engine then arrived on scene and setup decontamination on side Alpha. After 30 minutes, 102 Engine crew was sent to relieve 157 Engine's crew to continue to cool and monitor the bucket. 111 Chief requested 217 be added to the assignment. 217 Engine arrived on scene with a Over Pack Drum. Crews from 102 and 217 went to the rear of the structure and loaded the product into the drum and filled it with 3/4 full of water. Temperature never went above 100 degrees. 4046 then deemed the scene mitigated. 102 units cleared the scene at 15:21 Hours.



Station 102 responds to Working Fire in Harmar

Tuesday, June 2, 2015 12:30 HARMAR TOWNSHIP, PA--

At 12:30 hours, Station 102 was dispatched as part of a 2nd Alarm assignment as the Rapid Intervention Team to respond to the 900 block of Guys Run Road for a reported working commercial fire. Also alerted were: 315, 111, 175, 216, 157, 273, 470 Special Service, 172 (Standby), 121 (Standby), and Tankers 289, 290, and 150. While units were en route, a large smoke column was seen for a good distance. Upon arrival of PD and 216 Truck it was reported to be a large coal grinder on fire with a diesel tank about 30 feet away. Command requested engines up to the scene to assist in fire operations. Crews from 175, 216, 111, 157, 273, 315, and 102 used a combination of foam and water hand lines to knock down the fire. Tankers were requested due to no hydrants at the scene. Once the fire was knocked, 102 units were released by command at 13:40 Hours.



Station 102 responds to Odor Of Gas Outsisde

Saturday, May 23, 2015 19:48 O Hara Township, PA-

At 19:48 Hours, Stations 102, 217, and 218 along with 180 EMS were alerted to respond to the intersection of Virginia Ave Extension and Highland Terrace in O Hara for a strong odor of natural gas outside. A 102 Firefighter was on scene and confirmed the odor of gas outside. 102 Firefighter pointed out the area where the smell was strongest to 102 Chief Marsico. 102 Chief established command and confirmed a strong odor of gas close to a telephone pole near the guardrail. Chief Marsico had 102 Engine 1's crew check the houses above the scene with a meter for any odors. And he had 217  and 218 Engines check the houses below with no readings. Gas Company was notified by Command. 102 Engine 1 cleared the scene at 20:48 Hours.



Station 102 responds to MVA with Possible Entrapment

Thursday, May 14, 2015 08:39 SHARPSBURG, PA--

At 08:39 Hours, Stations 102, 265, 149 and 260 were alerted to respond to Route 28 Southbound for a reported Motor Vehicle Accident with possible entrapment. As units were acknowledging, County 911 advised that the occupant found their way out. Rescue 102 arrived on scene to find a three vehicle accident with all occupants out. Chief Marsico established Rt 28 Command. Rescue 102 went to work providing traffic control, containment of leaking fluids and gaining access to shut off the batteries. EMS handled patient care. 102 units returned back into service at 09:49 Hours.



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