Aspinwall VFD Live-In Program

Monday, August 15, 2011  In an effort to bring in new, qualified members, increase response times and provide for the maintenance of the station and apparatus, the Aspinwall Volunteer Fire Department has invested in bringing to light a "Live-In Program" at fire station #1. 

Private, furnished bunk rooms can accommodate five Live-In Members, with access to shower, modern kitchen, weight and recreation room.  A quiet study area has also been set up in the bunkroom area. The station is located on three major bus lines to Downtown Pittsburgh and Oakland.  Laundry facilities are a level, two block walk off site. Room and board come at no charge; in exchange the department asks that you give it 4-hours of "on-duty" time, 5 days out of each week, perform basic housekeeping of the station and maintenance of the fire equipment and apparatus, and provide for your own food and drink.

The Aspinwall Volunteer Fire Department operates two modern 1500 GPM Engines, a Medium Rescue, and Squad to all manner of emergency incidents, fires, motor vehicle accidents, rapid intervention and QRS.  Our response area covers approximately 25 square miles including the Allegheny River and 6-miles of PA Route 28, and we average 600 incidents per year. (Not including QRS)

If you're a trained firefighter and want to get out on your own, or a trained firefighter and a student attending college or thinking about attending college in the Pittsburgh Area, consider sharing your time and talents with the Aspinwall Volunteer Fire Department.  Call 412-781-0447, mail an inquiry to Chief - Aspinwall VFD, 217 Commercial Ave, Aspinwall, PA 15215, or check the "Downloads" area of our website to review our Membership Application, the Live-In program SOG's and Contract, and our New Member's Packet.



Congressman Rothfus Pays a Visit

Saturday, March 11, 2017  Your Aspinwall Volunteer Firefighters had the pleasure of welcoming to our firehouse today the Honorable Keith Rothfus, a member of the United States House of Representative for the 12th District of Pennsylvania.  While in the area, he stopped by to meet some of the men and women of the Aspinwall VFD and Aspinwall Borough Council's Public Safety Chairwoman, Ann Pawlikowski.

Mr. Rothfus had many questions for our firefighters and junior firefighters. He was given a tour of our fire station by Chief Gene Marsico and Mr. Rothfus joined us for lunch. While talking with us today, he learned more about us as volunteers and he shared with us a story of how he donned on fire gear, in Cambria County's fire training facility.

We would like to extend our thanks to Congressman Rothfus and extend our appreciation for the time he spent with us today.



Station 102 responds to a Physical Rescue Detail

Monday, November 14, 2016 12:24  O HARA TWP, PA--

At 12:24 Hours, Stations 102, 111 (Blawnox VFC), and 157 (Fox Chapel VFD) along with Parkview EMS and O Hara PD were alerted to respond to the Fox Chapel Water Authority Tower at 916 Field Club Road in O Hara Twp for a reported male worker fell inside the storage tank. 157 Assistant (Zimmerman) arrived on scene and reported one male that fell in the tank and that the tank was dry. Crews from 102, 111, and EMS went up the tower to check on the patient. 265 Engine 1 was added to the assignment to assist in the LZ detail at the FC High School for the worker per request of EMS. Crews used numerous ropes and equipment to lower the worker down the tube to the ground. The worker was then rushed to the LZ. Once the equipment was gathered, all fire units cleared the scene at 15:23 Hours.



Station 102 responds to Stove Fire in Local High Rise

Sunday, November 6, 2016 13:12  O HARA TOWNSHIP, PA--

At 13:12 Hours, Stations 102, 111(Blawnox VFC), 217 (Pleaseant Valley VFD), 218 (Parkview Fire), 157 (Fox Chapel VFD), 265 Truck (Sharpsburg VFD) and 260 Rescue (RIT- Cherry City VFD) were alerted to respond to the Mews II at 302 Fox Chapel Road in O Hara Township for a report of a stove on fire. 102 Chief (Marsico) arrived on scene and reported evacuation in progress. PD advised fire appeared to be out with heavy smoke in the apartment and hallways. The engine crew from 102 Engine 1 arrived and checked for any extension. Crews from 102, 111, 217, 157, 265 and 218 checked for extension, assisted in evacuations of other residents or making sure they stayed on their balconies, and venting the dense smoke via PPV fans. Once the smoke was cleared out, crews began to break down equipment and hand lines. ACFM was notified to respond and investigate. 102 units returned back into service at 14:55 Hours. Good job by all crews on scene on working this smokey fire. 



Station 102 responds to a Small Fire in the First Due

Thursday, September 29, 2016 09:43 ASPINWALL, PA--  

At 09:44 Allegheny County Communications alerted 102 Engine(Aspinwall), 265 Truck(Sharpsburg), 111 Engine(Blawnox), 157 Engine(Fox Chapel), 191 Truck(Millvale), 260 Rapid Intervention Team (RIT-Cherry City), and 317 (RIT-Reserve Township) for the reported dwelling fire at 110 Fifth Street in Aspinwall.  102 Chief(Marsico)  arrived on scene with smoke showing from side Alpha of the structure and Chief Marsico established the Fifth Street command. The Chief reported he had a couch on fire on the first division, with smoke through out, and unknown if the building was occupied. 102 Command had 102 Engine 1 pull 200' 1 3/4" hand line to the front door to make entry. Fire was quickly knocked down by 102 Chief. 265 Truck approached up Western Avenue to Fifth Street and was positioned on side Alph and placed nose to nose with 102 Engine. 265 Truck members met up with 102 Engine, and 102 Rescue members and began searching and opening up on the second and third division of the dwelling. All primary and secondary searched proved negative. 265 Truck placed their Positive Pressure Ventilation Fan(PPV) in the front door to assist with moving the remainder of the smoke from the residence. 102 Engine 1, and 102 Rescue marked ready at 12:48. 



Station 102 Responds to MVA on Main Street

Monday, September 26, 2016 17:02  SHARPSBURG, PA--

At 17:02 Hours, Stations 102 and 265 (Sharpsburg VFD) were alerted to respond to the intersection of Main Street and 21st Street for a reported Motor Vehicle Accident with Unknown Status. Upon arrival of 102 Rescue, they found a single vehicle into a pole with fluids leaking. Parkview and Seneca EMS's handled patient care while 102 and 265 handled traffic control and containment of leaking fluids. Once hazards were taken care of and tows had the vehicle, 102 units were released by 265 Chief at 17:38 Hours. 



Station 102 responds to Containment Detail on the Highland Park Bridge

Saturday, September 24, 2016 16:14  HIGHLAND PARK BRIDGE, PA--

At 16:14, on Saturday, September 24, 2016, Allegheny County Communications dispatched Pleasant Valley (Sta 217), Parkview (Sta 218), and Aspinwall (Sta 102) to investigate a possible spill on the Highland Park Bridge (outbound) at the Aspinwall Exit. 102 Engine arrived on scene and advised all units that they will have to come in by way of the city. There appears to be a large oil spill from the top of the Aspinwall Ramp on down toward Freeport Road. 102 Engine and Rescue controlled traffic and began spreading oil dry in an effort to soak up the spilled oil. Engines from 217 and 218 arrived and their crews assisted with the containment. Emulifier was used in conjunction with oil dry to soak up the material. The material was moved to the side of the road and the ramp was opened for use at 17:00 when all units went back into service. 

Units On Scene: 102 Engine 1, 102 Rescue, 217 Engine and Squad, 218 E1

Command: 102 Chief Marsico



Station 102 responds to a Vehicle Fire

Friday, August 26, 2016 17:25  ROUTE 28 NORTH PRIOR TO EXIT 8, PA--

At 17:25 Hours,  Allegheny County Communications dispatched Aspinwall (Sta 102) and Blawnox (Sta 111) for a reported vehicle fire on PA Route 28, North, prior to Exit 8 (Fox Chapel). 102 Chief responded to the scene and reported a single vehicle, was on fire, however the fire was partially extinguished by a passer by with an ABC Extinguisher. 102 Engine arrived on scene, attempted to further extinguish the fire with a water can, however the heat was still very high when checked with the Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC), so a 1 1/2" line was pulled and charged and used to further cool down the vehicle engine. Fire was listed under control at 17:31. 102 Rescue arrived on scene and began to set up traffic control measures. Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) arrived on scene and called for a tow. Once the vehicle was on the hook, 102 units cleared the scene at 18:18. 



Station 102 Responds to a AFA and a RIT call

Sunday, August 21, 2016 04:57  RIDC PARK AND SHALER TWP, PA--

 At 04:57 Hours, Stations 102 and 111 (Blawnox VFC) were alerted to respond to 180 Gamma Drive in O Hara Township  for a Commercial Fire Alarm. 102 Chief (Marsico) responded to the scene via personal vehicle. Upon arrival, proper code was received and given by County. 102 Chief and 111 Truck began investigating due to the alarm system resounding several times. Nothing was found. 102 stood by in station till released by 102 Chief at 05:42 Hours. 

 At 17:03 Hours, Station 102 was alerted to respond as the Rapid Intervention Team to 1512 Clinton Road in Shaler for a reported propane tank explosion next to the residence. Also alerted on the assignment were: 264 (Undercliff VFD), 261 (Elfinwild VFD), 149 (Etna VFD), 262 Truck (Shaler Villa), 259 Rescue (Bauerstown VFD), and 325 Fire Police. 264 Officer arrived on scene and reported a propane tank on fire and the first engine in to grab the hydrant. 102 Engine 1 arrived on scene on Glenshaw Ave and staged at the apparatus till released by command. 102 Engine 1 returned back into service at 17:22 Hours. 



Station 102 responds to Multiple MVA's

Friday, August 19, 2016 06:32  ROUTE 28 NORTH, PA--

At 06:32 Hours, Stations 102, 157 and 111 were alerted to respond to Route 28 North near Exit 10 for a Motor Vehicle Accident. Fire units were canceled en route. 102 units returned back into service at 06:39 Hours.

Then at 15:06 Hours, Stations 102, 149 Rescue, 265 Engine and EMS were alerted to respond to Route 28 North prior to the Highland Park Bridge for a Motor Vehicle Accident with Unknown Status. Fire units were cancelled en route at 15:18 Hours.

Then at 16:22 Hours, Stations 102 and 157 were alerted to respond to the Highland Park Bridge ramps above the Aspinwall Ballfield for a Motor Vehicle Accident in the 102 Box.  102 Rescue arrived on scene with a one vehicle accident involving a tractor trailer versus a guardrail with a injury. 102 Rescue setup scene safety and took care of a minor diesel spill. 102 units cleared the scene at 18:07 Hours. 



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