Aspinwall VFD Live-In Program

Monday, August 15, 2011  In an effort to bring in new, qualified members, increase response times and provide for the maintenance of the station and apparatus, the Aspinwall Volunteer Fire Department has invested in bringing to light a "Live-In Program" at fire station #1. 

Private, furnished bunk rooms can accommodate five Live-In Members, with access to shower, modern kitchen, weight and recreation room.  A quiet study area has also been set up in the bunkroom area. The station is located on three major bus lines to Downtown Pittsburgh and Oakland.  Laundry facilities are a level, two block walk off site. Room and board come at no charge; in exchange the department asks that you give it 4-hours of "on-duty" time, 5 days out of each week, perform basic housekeeping of the station and maintenance of the fire equipment and apparatus, and provide for your own food and drink.

The Aspinwall Volunteer Fire Department operates two modern 1500 GPM Engines, a Medium Rescue, and Squad to all manner of emergency incidents, fires, motor vehicle accidents, rapid intervention and QRS.  Our response area covers approximately 25 square miles including the Allegheny River and 6-miles of PA Route 28, and we average 600 incidents per year. (Not including QRS)

If you're a trained firefighter and want to get out on your own, or a trained firefighter and a student attending college or thinking about attending college in the Pittsburgh Area, consider sharing your time and talents with the Aspinwall Volunteer Fire Department.  Call 412-781-0447, mail an inquiry to Chief - Aspinwall VFD, 217 Commercial Ave, Aspinwall, PA 15215, or check the "Downloads" area of our website to review our Membership Application, the Live-In program SOG's and Contract, and our New Member's Packet.



Will Call Tickets Available for "Fire Fest"on 8/18

Tuesday, July 11, 2017 6:00 PM -  The Aspinwall Volunteer Fire Department in conjunction with the Aspinwall Borough 125th Anniversary Committee is hosting an Fire Fest on Friday, August 18, 2017, from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm, at the Aspinwall Recreational Field.  We will be bringing in a local caterer to provide roast pig, soft drinks and beer.  There will also be a live band concert sponsored by the Aspinwall Borough 125th Anniversary Committee.

Limited tickets will be available for this event.  Tickets are:

$20 Per Individual for Food and Soft Drinks Only

$30 Per Individual for Food and Beer

$10 Per Individual for Beer Only

You can purchase your tickets on site on August 18th, or purchase them in advance "Will Call" by visiting our new fire department E-store at

Please join us for good music, fine food, all for a great cause!



Congressman Rothfus Pays a Visit

Saturday, March 11, 2017  Your Aspinwall Volunteer Firefighters had the pleasure of welcoming to our firehouse today the Honorable Keith Rothfus, a member of the United States House of Representative for the 12th District of Pennsylvania.  While in the area, he stopped by to meet some of the men and women of the Aspinwall VFD and Aspinwall Borough Council's Public Safety Chairwoman, Ann Pawlikowski.

Mr. Rothfus had many questions for our firefighters and junior firefighters. He was given a tour of our fire station by Chief Gene Marsico and Mr. Rothfus joined us for lunch. While talking with us today, he learned more about us as volunteers and he shared with us a story of how he donned on fire gear, in Cambria County's fire training facility.

We would like to extend our thanks to Congressman Rothfus and extend our appreciation for the time he spent with us today.



Station 102 responds to MVA with Wires Down

Friday, January 13, 2017 15:19  FREEPORT RD/ BOYD AVE, PA--

At 15:19 Hours, Stations 102, 111 and  157 were alerted to respond to the intersection of Boyd Ave and Freeport Road for a report of wires down. Upon of 111 officer, he reported pole was sheared off and hanging from the wires that was struck by a box truck that also struck a home and a gas meter. Fire units closed down Freeport Road and Boyd Ave to all traffic while the utility companies arrived on scene and stabilized the situation. Once the scene was safe, 102 was released at 17:26 Hours. 



Station 102 responds to Police Incident

Thursday, January 12, 2017 08:38  FREEPORT ROAD, PA--

At 08:38 Hours, Stations 102, 111, and 157 were alerted by County 911 to respond to the 1300 block of Freeport Road in O Hara Twp to assist police and stand by while they investigated a package. County advised fire units to contact the desk via phone for directions. 102 Engine 1, 157 Engine 1, 111 Engine 1 and 102 Rescue were originally staged at Taipai Resturaunt by 111 Chief till requested to move up. 102 units then moved and blocked Old Freeport Road near Fox Chapel Stone while 111 and 157 took Old Freeport Road near the self storage facility.  Package was determined to be not harmful or dangerous and 102 units were cleared the scene at 09:49 Hours. 



Station 102 responds to a Residential Structure Fire

Friday, January 6, 2017 11:04  O HARA TOWNSHIP, PA--

At 11:04 Hours, Allegheny County Communications dispatched 102 Engine, 111 Truck, 157 Engine, 217 Engine, and 218 Engine 2 to respond for a reported dwelling fire in the 200 block of Park Square Lane in O Hara Twp. 111 Truck arrived on scene with smoke coming from the upstairs windows. 111 Engine's crew made their way into the residence and stated that they had active fire in the furnace. 102 Engine 1 arrived on scene and secured a hydrant across from the residence and pulled a 200 foot section of 1 3/4 inch attack line to side Alpha doorway. Interior crews from 157 and 102 extinguished the fire. However, there was a moderate smoke condition throughout. Fans were placed and windows were opened to ventilate the smoke from the house. The Allegheny County Fire Marshal was notified and responded. Once the investigation and ventilation were complete, 102 Engine marked back in service at 12:47 Hours.

Units Onscene:  

102 Engine 1, 102 Rescue, 111 Engine 1, 111 Truck, 157 Engine 1, 217 Engine 1



Last Day of 2016 Brings Multiple Calls for Station 102

Saturday, December 31, 2016 03:16  O HARA, ASPINWALL, SHALER, PA--

From 03:16 Hours to 20:05 Hours, Station 102 responded to the following calls:

-Automatic Fire Alarm (FALSE) @ VA Hospital

-Automatic Fire Alarm (FALSE) @ UPMC Bldg on Freeport Road

-Odor of Gas Outside- Route 28 South at RIDC Exit

-Odor of Gas Outside- West 8th Street, 102 First Due

-Transformer Fire- 4th Street, 102 First Due

-RIT Detail (Canceled)- Little Pine Creek, Shaler

Station 102 ended the 2016 year with 548 Fire calls and 31 QRS Calls. 



Station 102 Responds to Working Vehicle Fire in the First Due

Sunday, December 4, 2016 16:17  ASPINWALL, PA--

At 16:17 Hours, Stations 102, 111, and 265 were alerted to respond to the 200 block of Freeport Road in Aspinwall for a vehicle fire. 102 Chief arrived on scene after dispatch and confirmed a working passenger vehicle fire on the side of the road opposite of the municipal parking lot. 102 Engine 1 pulled on scene and pulled the officers side trash line. 102 Engine 1's crew began fire suppression while 102 Captain used the E-draulic spreaders to open the hood. The fire was quickly knocked down and a TIC was used to check for extension into the passenger compartment. No extension was found and water was applied and the engine compartment was monitored while waiting for the tow. The battery was cut to isolate the last source of heat before loading onto the tow. 102 units returned back into service at 16:50 Hours.

Command: 102 Chief

Units On Scene:

102 Chief, 102 Engine 1 and 102 Rescue, 111 Engine, 265 Truck, 



Station 102 responds to Multiple Incidents in Harmar

Friday, November 25, 2016 17:46  HARMAR TWP, PA--

At 17:46 Hours, Station 315 was alerted to respond for a reported Commercial Fire Alarm in the 0 block of Rich Hill Road in Harmar. Upon arrival of Police, they reported a working commercial building fire. The assignment was upgraded which added: 111 Engine, 175 Rescue Engine and 216 Truck. Then the 2nd alarm was requested by 315, which added: 121, 157, 102 RIT, and 470 Special Service. Tankers 290 and 150 were then added for water supply. 315 Engine arrived on scene and reported multiple explosions and that it would be a exterior attack only. County Hazmat was requested due to diesel fuel being inside the burning building. 102 RIT stood by on scene till released by command at 19:20 Hours.

1st Alarm: 315, 111, 175, 216 Truck

2nd Alarm: 121, 157, 102 RIT, 470 SS

Additional:  273, Tankers 150, 175, and 290, ACFM, County Hazmat, 

While on scene of the working commercial fire, 102 Rescue handled a MVA on Freeport Road and a Chlorine odor on Nixon Road in Harmar Twp.  



Station 102 keeps Busy with a Containment Detail and a Working Fire

Wednesday, November 16, 2016 08:49  BLAWNOX AND O HARA TWP, PA--

At 08:49 Hours, Stations 102, 111 (Blawnox VFC) and 217 (Pleaseant Valley VFC) were alerted to respond to the 100 block of Third Street in Blawnox for a containment detail for spilled diesel fuel on the road. 111 Chief arrived on scene and confirmed a good sized spill of an area of approximately 4 blocks. 217 was advised to check Fairview Ave from Freeport Road to Papercraft for an additional area of fuel spilled. 102 Rescue was advised to assist 111 at Center Ave and 3rd Street. 102 Rescue and 111 Engine 1 laid oil dry from Center Ave and 3rd to Fairview. 217 SOV and Squad took care of the spill on Fairview. 102 Rescue provided three can of oil dry and brooms. Once the spill was cleaned up, 102 Rescue returned back into service at 09:32 Hours.

Units On Scene: 

102 Rescue, 111 Engine 1, 111 Chief, 217 SOV, 217 Squad

Then at 12:25 Hours, Stations 102, 111, 157, 217, 218 and 216 were alerted to respond to the 400 block of Central Ave in O Hara Township for a Residential Structure Fire. Police arrived on scene and reported a working fire with smoke coming out of the rear of the house. 102 Engine 1 grabbed the closest hydrant and laid into the scene. Several hand lines were pulled off 102 Engine 1 and stretched into the residence. 102, 111, 157, 217 and 218 units quickly knocked down the fire and began overhauling and ventilation. Utilities and Fire Marshal were alerted. Once the fire was knocked down and any extension was knocked down and the smoke was ventilated, units were begun to be released. 102 units returned back into service at  13:55 Hours.

Units On Scene:

102 Engine 1, 102 Squad, 111 Truck, 111 Engine 1, 157 Engine 1, 217 Engine, 218 Squad, 216 Engine 



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