Aspinwall VFD Live-In Program

Monday, August 15, 2011  In an effort to bring in new, qualified members, increase response times and provide for the maintenance of the station and apparatus, the Aspinwall Volunteer Fire Department has invested in bringing to light a "Live-In Program" at fire station #1.  Private, furnished bunk rooms can accommodate five Live-In Members, with access to shower, modern kitchen, weight and recreation room.  A quiet study area has also been set up in the bunkroom area. The station is located on three major bus lines to Downtown Pittsburgh and Oakland.  Laundry facilities are two blocks off site. Room and board come at no charge; in exchange the department asks that you give it 4-hours of "on-duty" time each day, perform basic housekeeping of the station and maintenance of the fire equipment and apparatus, and provide for your own food and drink. Aspinwall VFD runs two state of the art 1500 GPM Engines and a Medium Rescue to all manner of emergency incidents, fires, motor vehicle accidents, rapid intervention and QRS.  We cover approximately five square miles through mutual aid agreements and average 350 to 400 incidents per year. If you're a trained firefighter and a student attending college or thinking about attending college in the Pittsburgh Area, consider sharing your time and talents with the Aspinwall Volunteer Fire Department.  Call 412-781-0447, mail an inquiry to Chief - Aspinwall VFD, 217 Commercial Ave, Aspinwall, PA 15215, or check the "Downloads" area of our website for an application.



Aspinwall VFD Flea Market to begin April 27, 2014

Saturday, March 15, 2014   ASPINWALL, PA - The 2014 Aspinwall Vol Fire Department Flea Market season begins on Sunday, April 27, 2014.

Flea Market hours are from 6am until 2pm, every Sunday, weather permitting.

Spaces are available and may be reserved up to two weeks in advanced by talking with Nick Scheid or the fire department crew chief any Sunday morning.  

Spaces are $10 for a 10' x 18' Parking Space.  Bring your own tables or platforms to display your wares.  Collection is at 9am.

Reserved spaces may be re-allocated to another individual after 8am.

The fire department will have coffee, soft drinks, water, donuts, muffins, egg sandwiches and hot dogs available for sale from 7am to Noon.  

Thank you for your support of this fund-raising program.



Station 102 Ends the Year with a Record Amount of Calls

Wednesday, January 1, 2014 00:00 ASPINWALL, PA--

Station 102 has been busy for 2013 and had answered the biggest amount of calls ever in its history with 600 Fire Calls and 38 Medical Calls.



Hit and Run Brings Early Morning Call To The Rescue Company

Friday, December 6, 2013 06:51  ASPINWALL, PA--

At 06:51 Hours, Stations 102, 111, 265 and 157 along with Medic 140 were alerted to respond to the 200 block of Freeport Road in The Borough of Aspinwall(102 Box), for the Personal Injury Accident a accident. 102 Chief(Marsico) arrived on scene and held the assignment to 102 Rescue. EMS handled patient care while 102 Rescue provided traffic control so Aspinwall PD could do their investigation. Rescue 102 returned to service at 08:15 Hours. 



157 Box For The HazMat Detail

Saturday, November 30, 2013 16:58  FOX CHAPEL, PA--

At 16:58 Hours , Stations 102, 157, and 172 were alerted to respond to the 700 block of Bending Oak Lane in Fox Chapel for a Odor of Natural Gas inside a residence. Upon arrival of 157 Assistant, all units were advised to stage on Fox Chapel Road. The Allegheny County Hazmat team was advised. 157 Engine received explosive readings of natural gas inside the residence. After venting the structure via natural ventilation, crews advised that a sludge type substance was coming from the ground near the garage. 102 Engine was then requested to the scene from staging to verify readings. 102 Engine did a quick sweep with minimal readings. After the arrival of the Hazmat Rep from Allegheny County, he did a sweep with no readings. After his findings, 157 Command released all 102 and 172 units. Company 102 returned to service at 18:19 Hours.



Rescue Takes In Pin In The 219 Box

Tuesday, November 26, 2013 14:57  FREEPORT ROAD, PA--

At 14:57 Hours, Stations 102, 111, 157 and EMS were alerted to respond to the 1300 block of Freeport Road for the Motor Vehicle Accident with Unknown Status. Upon arrival of the first fire officer, there was reported entrapment. 102 and 111 arrived on scene to find a two vehicle accident with both vehicles into a tree. The driver of one vehicle was stuck behind the wheel of their vehicle. Crews from 102, 111 and 157 had to remove several seats to gain access to the patient and package them onto a backboard and out of the vehicle. Company 102 returned to service at 15:27 Hours. 



Engine 102-2 and Engine 111-2 Handle Vehicle Fire In The 219 Box

Monday, November 25, 2013 07:01  BETA DRIVE, PA--

At 07:01 Hours, Stations 102, 111, and 157 were alerted to respond to the 200 block of Beta Drive for a reported vehicle on fire. 315 Chief arrived on scene, and reported a working engine compartment fire. Fire was quickly knocked down. 102 assisted in popping the hood of the car to make sure the fire was out. Engine 102-2 took up and returned to service at 07:34 Hours. 



Small Fire In The 102 Box

Saturday, November 23, 2013 21:53  ASPINWALL, PA--

At 21:54 hrs., Stations 102, 265, 111, 157, 191 and 260 were alerted to respond to the 400 block of Virginia Ave, in the Borough of Aspinwall, for the Possible Dwelling Fire. 102 Chief(Marsico) arrived on scene with a small fire on a the porch to the rear of the residence. 102 Engine arrived quickly on scene and knocked the fire down. The assignment was held to 102 and 265 for overhaul and checking for extension. Units cleared the scene at approximately 22:30.

Command: 102 Chief

Units on Scene: 102 Engine, 102 Rescue and 265 Truck



Engine 102-2 Takes In Early Morning Vehicle Fire In The 265 Box

Thursday, November 21, 2013  At 04:38 hrs. Companies were alerted for the van on fire at the intersection of N. Main St. and Bridge St. in the 265 Box. 102 Chief(Marsico) marked up on the air and on arrival advised the van was well involved.  Engine 265(Sharpsburg) and Engine 149(Etna) stretched 1 3/4" attack lines from each side on N. Main St. Engine 102 pulled in the parking lot the van was in and pulled a 1 1/2" attack line.  Due to the high magnesium content in the vehicle. Engine 218-2(Parkview) was special called to smother the remaining spot fires in the van.  All companies took up and returned to service at 05:45.



Engine and Rescue Go To Work In The 111 Box

Thursday, November 14, 2013 08:00  BLAWNOX, PA--

At 08:00 hours on 11-14-13, Stations 102, 111, and 265 were alerted to respond to the 100 block of 1st Street in Blawnox for a Commercial Structure Fire. Upon arrival of 111 Chief heavy smoke was seen in the area. 111 Chief then reported a active fire in the hot melt building. 157 was added to the call. 102 E1 connected to a hydrant and laid into the scene. Crews pulled three hand lines off 102 Engine 1 and begin to attack the fire while 111 Truck and 265 handled venting. 102 units cleared the scene at 10:07 Hours.



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