Aspinwall VFD Live-In Program

Monday, August 15, 2011  In an effort to bring in new, qualified members, increase response times and provide for the maintenance of the station and apparatus, the Aspinwall Volunteer Fire Department has invested in bringing to light a "Live-In Program" at fire station #1. 

Private, furnished bunk rooms can accommodate five Live-In Members, with access to shower, modern kitchen, weight and recreation room.  A quiet study area has also been set up in the bunkroom area. The station is located on three major bus lines to Downtown Pittsburgh and Oakland.  Laundry facilities are a level, two block walk off site. Room and board come at no charge; in exchange the department asks that you give it 4-hours of "on-duty" time, 5 days out of each week, perform basic housekeeping of the station and maintenance of the fire equipment and apparatus, and provide for your own food and drink.

The Aspinwall Volunteer Fire Department operates two modern 1500 GPM Engines, a Medium Rescue, and Squad to all manner of emergency incidents, fires, motor vehicle accidents, rapid intervention and QRS.  Our response area covers approximately 25 square miles including the Allegheny River and 6-miles of PA Route 28, and we average 600 incidents per year. (Not including QRS)

If you're a trained firefighter and want to get out on your own, or a trained firefighter and a student attending college or thinking about attending college in the Pittsburgh Area, consider sharing your time and talents with the Aspinwall Volunteer Fire Department.  Call 412-781-0447, mail an inquiry to Chief - Aspinwall VFD, 217 Commercial Ave, Aspinwall, PA 15215, or check the "Downloads" area of our website to review our Membership Application, the Live-In program SOG's and Contract, and our New Member's Packet.



Engine and Rescue Run Dryer Fire In The 265 Box

Friday, August 28, 2015  At 05:48 Allegheny County Communications alerted 102 Engine (Aspinwall), 265 Truck(Sharpsburg) 111 Engine 2(Blawnox), 217 Engine(Pleasant Valley), 260 Truck(Cherry City), and 191 R.I.T.(Millvale), for the reported apartment building on fire in the 1900 block of Main Street in the 265 Box(Sharpsburg Borough). Initial reports after dispatch came from Police reporting heavy smoke from the basement. 102 Engine took a position on the Alpha Side of the building, and stretched a 2" attack line through the front door of the complex. 102 Chief(Marsico) lead his Engine crew to the basement and started searching for the source. A moderate to minor smoke condition was observed. 265 Truck also took the Alpha Side and made entry to the upper floors to search and evacuate. The Engine crew located a dryer smoking in the utility room. The dryer was quickly de-energized and moved away from the wall. 102 Engine lineman(Himes) handled extinguishing the material burning inside the dryer. 265 Truck handled ventilation after extinguishment. All companies took up and were ready at 06:22. 265 Chief(Costanzo) had the Main Street command and 265 Assistant(Bagnato) had the operations. Companies On Scene: 102 Engine, 102 Rescue, 265 Truck, 217 Engine, 111 Engine 2, 260 Truck, 191 Rescue Engine



Station 102 responds to MVA in the First Due

Wednesday, August 19, 2015 15:58 ASPINWALL, PA--

At 15:58 Hours, Stations 102, 217, and 218 were alerted to respond to Route 28 South above 23rd Street for a reported vehicle fire. Just after dispatch, units were advised there were conflicting reports of  the type and location of this incident. The corrected type and location was a three vehicle accident with a car smoking on Rt 28 South prior to the Highland Park Bridge in Aspinwall. Hearing this report, 102 Chief held 218 and 217 in station and requested 157 to be added to the assignment. 102 Engine 2 arrived on scene with a three vehicle accident rear end style collison with fluids on the roadway. 102 Engine 2 crew handled the containment while 102 Chief checked for injuries. 102 Engine returned back into service at 17:04.

Command: 102 Chief

Units On Scene: 102 Engine 2



Station 102 responds to Possible Hazmat Incident

Thursday, August 13, 2015 09:29 ROUTE 28 SOUTHBOUND, PA-

At 09:29 Hours, Stations 102, 265, and 149 were alerted to respond to Route 28 Southbound near Exit 5 for a Possible Hazardous Material Incident. Caller reported that a placarded drum fell off a tractor trailer and was laying in the middle of the highway. Upon arrival of 102 Engine, several 102 Engine members checked the drum and determined that it was sealed and empty and posed no immediate hazard. 102 Engine requested that PennDot respond and pick up the drum. 102 Engine was clear of the scene at 09:41 Hours.



Station 102 responds to Large Containment Detail

Monday, August 10, 2015 09:43 ROUTE 28/ ROUTE 8, PA--

At 09:43 Hours, Stations 102, 265, and 149 were dispatched to respond to Route 28 Southbound near the Etna Exit for a Containment Detail. Spill was caused by a tri-axle losing diesel fuel all over the road from a ruptured saddle tank. The trail of fuel stretched from Route 28 South to Route 8 to Saxonburg Blvd. 265 Engine handled the containment on Route 28 and the off ramp to Route 8 while 102 Engine 2 met up with 262 Chief and took bags of oil dry from 262 Station to contain puddles of fuel at the intersection of Route 8 and Saxonburg Blvd. 102 Engine 2 cleared the scene at 09:59 Hours.



Station 102 responds to Working Fire with Mayday Activation

Wednesday, July 29, 2015 06:19 MILLVALE, PA--

At 06:19 Hours, Station 102 was alerted to respond as the Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) to a reported house fire in the 0 block of Reserve Street in Millvale. Also alerted as part of the first alarm assignment were: 191, 259, 260, 149, 247, and 317. 259 Assistant marked on scene with a working house fire with fire showing from three sides. 191 Engine began a knockdown from the exterior for other units to enter the building. 191 Engine used side Alpha to enter the house while 259 Engine used side Charlie. As 102 RIT was marking on scene and gathering equipment, 191 reported "firefighters down" with no location given. 102 members immediately raced to the scene to begin the search for the downed firefighters. Upon arrival, 191 reported members were fine and in care of EMS. Both firefighters had took a 10 foot fall off a exterior ladder. Then seconds after the situation was determined taken care of, two other firefighters came diving out of the Delta side porch and fell down complaining of burns. 102 RIT quickly assesed each member and quickly removed their SCBA's and gear. Both firefighters suffered burns to several areas of their bodies. EMS evaluated the two firefighters and transported them. 102 RIT stood by on side Delta/Charlie till fire was deemed under control. 102 RIT returned back into service at 08:36 Hours.



Station 102 responds to a Carbon Monoxide Conditon

Sunday, July 26, 2015 16:24 SHARPSBURG, PA--

At 16:24 Hours, Stations 102 and 265 were alerted to respond to 1914 Main Street in Sharpsburg for a Carbon Monoxide detector activation with no ill effects. 265 Truck arrived on scene and began to investigate. 265 Assistant had command. 265 Truck advised County that they were getting readings of 33ppm on their meters. 102 Engine 2 arrived on scene and sent its crew to command. Command advised 102 Engine 2's crew to be on air and assist on checking the basement area. 102 Engine 2's crew checked the area with a CO meter and the Solaris gas meter. 102 crews got readings of between 10-40 ppm in the affected area which the source was narrowed down to a stove in a basement apartment. The gas company representative shut off the stove and red tagged the gas meter to the apartment. 102 units cleared the scene at 16:54.



Station 102 Responds to A Gas Odor Inside a Building

Saturday, July 25, 2015 10:09 SHARPSBURG, PA--

At 10:09 Hours, Stations 102, 265, 111, 217, 260 and 191 were alerted to respond to 300 block of Linden Ave in Sharpsburg for a odor of natural gas inside a commercial building. 265 Truck arrived on scene and established command and went in to investigate. Upon arrival, 102 Engine 2 sent a crew in with a gas meter and investigated the utility room, where the odor was reported to be the heaviest. No readings were registered on the meter but there was a strong odor of gas. Gas Company was notified by command. 102 Engine 2 returned back into service at 10:26 Hours.



Station 102 responds to MVA with Entrapment

Monday, July 20, 2015 21:49 HARMAR TOWNSHIP, PA--

At 21:49 Hours, Stations 102 and 315 were alerted to respond to Route 910 and Rich Hill Road in Harmar for a Motor Vehicle Accident with Entrapment. 315 Rescue arrived on scene and confirmed entrapment. 315 and 102 Rescue's used rescue  tools to remove the door to gain access to the patient. 102 Rescue returned back into service at 22:41 Hours.



Station 102 Responds to Back to Back calls

Saturday, July 11, 2015 22:29 ROUTE 28 SOUTH AND ETNA, PA--

At 21:07 Hours, Stations 102 and 111 were alerted to respond to Route 28 Southbound near Powers Run Rd for a Motor Vehicle accident with injuries. 102 and 111 units arrived on scene and find a vehicle with heavy damage to a single vehicle due to a bolder coming off the hillside. 180 EMS transported the injured driver. 102 and 111 handled containment of fluids, debris removal and traffic control. While on scene, 102 Rescue was alerted to respond to a 2nd call at 22:18 Hours.

At 22:18 Hours, Station 102 was added to respond as a second Rapid Intervention Team to the 100 block of Parker Street in Etna for a Working Dwelling Fire with possible entrapment. First arriving fire units arrived on scene with a fully involved dwelling fire with possible entrapment.  Hoarding conditions were found inside. 149 Command requested a 2nd alarm to be dispatched. 102 and 317 RIT teams met up and setup RIT staging on side Alpha. No RIT services were needed during the incident.  Unfortunately the fire was fatal. 102 RIT returned back into service at 12:15 Hours.

1st Alarm: 149, 260, 264, 262, 191, 317 RIT

Added: 102 RIT

2nd Alarm: 259, 174, 265, 297



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