Station 102 keeps Busy with a Containment Detail and a Working Fire


Wednesday, November 16, 2016 08:49  BLAWNOX AND O HARA TWP, PA--

At 08:49 Hours, Stations 102, 111 (Blawnox VFC) and 217 (Pleaseant Valley VFC) were alerted to respond to the 100 block of Third Street in Blawnox for a containment detail for spilled diesel fuel on the road. 111 Chief arrived on scene and confirmed a good sized spill of an area of approximately 4 blocks. 217 was advised to check Fairview Ave from Freeport Road to Papercraft for an additional area of fuel spilled. 102 Rescue was advised to assist 111 at Center Ave and 3rd Street. 102 Rescue and 111 Engine 1 laid oil dry from Center Ave and 3rd to Fairview. 217 SOV and Squad took care of the spill on Fairview. 102 Rescue provided three can of oil dry and brooms. Once the spill was cleaned up, 102 Rescue returned back into service at 09:32 Hours.

Units On Scene: 

102 Rescue, 111 Engine 1, 111 Chief, 217 SOV, 217 Squad

Then at 12:25 Hours, Stations 102, 111, 157, 217, 218 and 216 were alerted to respond to the 400 block of Central Ave in O Hara Township for a Residential Structure Fire. Police arrived on scene and reported a working fire with smoke coming out of the rear of the house. 102 Engine 1 grabbed the closest hydrant and laid into the scene. Several hand lines were pulled off 102 Engine 1 and stretched into the residence. 102, 111, 157, 217 and 218 units quickly knocked down the fire and began overhauling and ventilation. Utilities and Fire Marshal were alerted. Once the fire was knocked down and any extension was knocked down and the smoke was ventilated, units were begun to be released. 102 units returned back into service at  13:55 Hours.

Units On Scene:

102 Engine 1, 102 Squad, 111 Truck, 111 Engine 1, 157 Engine 1, 217 Engine, 218 Squad, 216 Engine