Station 102 responds to Multiple Incidents in Harmar


Friday, November 25, 2016 17:46  HARMAR TWP, PA--

At 17:46 Hours, Station 315 was alerted to respond for a reported Commercial Fire Alarm in the 0 block of Rich Hill Road in Harmar. Upon arrival of Police, they reported a working commercial building fire. The assignment was upgraded which added: 111 Engine, 175 Rescue Engine and 216 Truck. Then the 2nd alarm was requested by 315, which added: 121, 157, 102 RIT, and 470 Special Service. Tankers 290 and 150 were then added for water supply. 315 Engine arrived on scene and reported multiple explosions and that it would be a exterior attack only. County Hazmat was requested due to diesel fuel being inside the burning building. 102 RIT stood by on scene till released by command at 19:20 Hours.

1st Alarm: 315, 111, 175, 216 Truck

2nd Alarm: 121, 157, 102 RIT, 470 SS

Additional:  273, Tankers 150, 175, and 290, ACFM, County Hazmat, 

While on scene of the working commercial fire, 102 Rescue handled a MVA on Freeport Road and a Chlorine odor on Nixon Road in Harmar Twp.