Last Day of 2016 Brings Multiple Calls for Station 102


Saturday, December 31, 2016 03:16  O HARA, ASPINWALL, SHALER, PA--

From 03:16 Hours to 20:05 Hours, Station 102 responded to the following calls:

-Automatic Fire Alarm (FALSE) @ VA Hospital

-Automatic Fire Alarm (FALSE) @ UPMC Bldg on Freeport Road

-Odor of Gas Outside- Route 28 South at RIDC Exit

-Odor of Gas Outside- West 8th Street, 102 First Due

-Transformer Fire- 4th Street, 102 First Due

-RIT Detail (Canceled)- Little Pine Creek, Shaler

Station 102 ended the 2016 year with 548 Fire calls and 31 QRS Calls.