Station 102 responds to Working Vehicle Fire on Route 28

Monday, July 25, 2016 13:01  ROUTE 28 SOUTHBOUND, PA--

At 13:01 Hours, Stations 102 and 111 were alerted to respond to Route 28 Southbound for a reported vehicle fire. Upon arrival of fire units, the vehicle was almost totally engulfed in flames. 102 Engine 1 and 111 Engine pulled handlines off and knocked down the fire. 102 Rescue provided manpower and traffic control. 102 units cleared the scene at 13:46 Hours.

Units on scene: 102 Engine 1, 102 Rescue, 111 Engine



102 RIT Responds to 2 Alarm Fire in Shaler Twp

Friday, July 22, 2016 22:10  SHALER TOWNSHIP, PA--

At 22:10 Hours, Allegheny County Communications dispatched 261 Engine (Elfinwild VFD), 174 Rescue Engine (Middle Road VFD), 164 Engine ( Hampton), 262 Truck (Shaler Villa VFD), 264 Truck (Undercliff VFD), 260 Truck (Cherry City VFD) and 102 Rapid Intervention Team ( Aspinwall VFD) for a reported commercial building fire at 1015 William Flynn Hwy in Shaler (262 Box ). Upon arrival, 102 RIT requested a second RIT team, which brought 191 Rapid Intervention Team to the scene due to the building size and the area which crews were operating. 102 and 191 RIT combined crews and split the building with 102 RIT staging on the Bravo side of the building and 191 RIT staging on the Delta side. No RIT services were needed. A 2nd alarm and additional companies were added for additional manpower. A good job by all companies involved. 102 RIT was released back into service at 00:51 Hours. 

1st Alarm:  261 Engine, 174 Rescue Engine, 164 Engine, 262 Truck. 264 Truck, 260 Rescue 2, 102 RIT

Additional: 191 Rescue Engine for RIT,  111 (Blawnox) Truck for fill for 247 Truck (Berkeley Hills),  317 (Reserve Fire) and 149 (Etna ) for Engines

2nd Alarm: 263 Engine (Sharps Hill) , 265 Engine and Truck (Sharpsburg) , 247 Truck, 259 Air (Bauerstown VFD)

Transfers: 221 Tower and Wagon (Penn Hills 1) into 264, 188 Engine (Pebbles) into 264, 251 (Seville ) into 247, 111 Engine 1 into 265, 165 into 164




Tuesday, June 14, 2016 15:40  At 15:40 Hours this afternoon, Stations 102 and 111 were dispatched for a reported vehicle fire on Route 28 North near Exit 10. 111 E2 arrived on scene and confirmed a fully involved pick up truck and that they were blocking lanes of traffic and beginning extinguishing the fire. 102 Engine 1 arrived on scene shortly after and put a second line into service to extinguish the fire. 111 Engine 2 also deployed a Class D fire extinguisher due to a small magnesium fire in the steering wheel. 102 crews forced the hood open to confirm the extinguishment of the fire in the engine compartment. PA State Police arrived on scene and began an investigation. 102 Engine returned back into service at 16:23 Hours


Units On Scene:
111 Engine 2, 102 Engine 1, 111 Squad, PSP, Parkview EMS




Sunday, May 8, 2016 07:47  At 07:47 Hours, Station 102 Rapid Intervention Team was alerted to respond along to a Residential Structure Fire in the 400 block of Sample Street in the 191 Box(Millvale Borough). 191 Assistant(Cavanaugh) arrived on scene to find a working fire in a rowhouse. 102 RIT along with 251(Seville VFC) and Engine 6( Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire) stood by on sides Alpha and Charlie while crews from multiple departments extinguished the fire in multiple residences. Crews were evacuated prior to the roof collapsing. 102 RIT requested EMS for a firefighter during a bailout situation. The RIT marked ready at 11:17 Hours. Thanks to 157 and 216 for the stand by.

First alarm- 191, 259, 260, 317, 149, 247, 102 RIT
2nd alarm- 246, 265, 111, 251 RIT
3rd Alarm- 218, 261, 250 Air
Added 165, 297 Tk, E 6 RIT 4013, 264
Standby: E 7, 8, TK 6, Tk 3, MAC 1, 4012, 401, 188, 264 EN, 248, 253, 249, 216 and 157




Friday, April 22, 2016   At 08:57 Allegheny County Communications alerted 102 Engine 2, 265 Truck(Sharpsburg), 260 Truck(Cherry City), 111 Engine 2(Blawnox), 217 Engine(Pleasant Valley), and 191 R.I.T.(Millvale) for the reported dwelling fire in the 200 Block of Clay Street in the 265 Box(Sharpsburg Borough).  265 Chief(Costanzo) marked on scene with a working fire.  265 Truck took the Alpha Side, with 102 Engine 2 taking a position on the same side.  102 Engine 2 crew stretched  the attack line to the second division and encountered fire at the top of the steps.  The Engine crew knocked the fire down quickly and began overhaul.  260 Truck and 191 Truck crews handled laddering and opening up.  The fire is currently under investigation by the Allegheny County Fire Marshall.  102 Engine 2 marked ready at 11:38.




Friday, April 8, 2016   At 16:58 Allegheny County Emergency Communications alerted 102 Rescue and 157 Rescue(Fox Chapel) for the two vehicle Motor Vehicle Accident involving a motorcycle, on State Route 28 South in the 102 Box(Aspinwall Borough).  102 Rescue marked on scene with a motorcyclist down on the ground, and a second vehicle heavily damaged in the rear.  The Rescue crew assisted Medic 141(FoxWall EMS) and Medic 267(St. Margret Paramedic Response Team) with patient packaging as well as handled the fluids on the road.  102 Rescue marked ready at 17:59 hrs.




Wednesday, April 6, 2016  At 20:09 Allegheny County Communications alerted 102 Engine, 265 Truck(Sharpsburg), Engine 111-2(Blawnox), 265 Truck(Sharpsburg), Engine 157-1(Fox Chapel), 191 Truck(Millvale), and 260 RIT(Cherry City) for the reported dwelling fire in the 100 block of Third Street in the 102 Box(Aspinwall Borough).  102 Chief(Marsico) marked on scene reporting a good fire on the second division.  102 Engine crew stretched a 1 3/4" hand line up the steps and encountered smoke 3/4's to the floor, and fire in the bathroom.  A quick knock on the fire was made.  The crew from 265 Truck made quick searches and opened up checking for extension with nothing found.    Engine 111-2 laid out from the hydrant and into 102 Engine, but never had to switch over from tank water.  Allegheny County Fire Marshall was notified for the investigation.  102 Engine and 102 Rescue marked ready at 22:24. 




Tuesday, April 5, 2016  At 16:06 hrs. Allegheny County Communications alerted 102 Rescue and 102 Engine, 157 Rescue(Fox Chapel), Engine 265-2(Sharpsburg), Engine 111-2(Blawnox) for the Motor Vehicle Accident, on the Route 28 on ramp behind The Aspinwall Recreation Field in the 102 Box.  102 Engine was first arriving and reported a school bus on it's side with fluids and debris on the roadway, driver self extricated, and there were no students on the bus.  102 Engine and Engine 111-2 handled the initial containment of all the fluids.  Once the bus was up on all fours and on the hook, 102 Engine, 102 Rescue, and Engine 265-2 handled the remainder of clean up.  102 Engine and 102 Rescue marked ready at 18:14.




Wednesday, March 30, 2016  At 22:16 hrs. Allegheny County Communications alerted 102 RIT, 191 Rescue/Engine(Millvale), 260 Truck(Cherry City), 259 Engine(Bauerstown), 149 Engine(Etna), 247 Truck(Berkley Hills), 317(Reserve Township) for the dwelling fire in the 700 Block of Evergreen Avenue in the 191 Box(Millvale Borough).  191 Assistant(Cavanaugh) marked on scene first with smoke pushing from 3 sides, and fire in the Charlie/Delta corner.  As companies were marking on scene they were being put to work.  All hands were working on the arrival of 102 RIT, who took a staging position on side Alpha and split the crew to the Delta side.  RIT Commander 102 Chief(Marsico) requested a supplemental RIT from Company 251(Seville), for some extra manpower.  All companies made a great stop and quick work of the fire.  No RIT services were required, and 102 RIT marked ready at 23:23.




Saturday, March 26, 2016  At 14:32 102 R.I.T. was Special Called to Allegheny River Boulevard in the 221 Box(Penn Hills) for the Commercial Building Fire.  The R.I.T. Team marked up with 8 shortly after being added to the Box.  102 Engine 2 arrived and the R.I.T. reported to the Delta Side where there was a report of members trapped.  137 R.I.T.(Edgewood) had already made entry into the man door on the Delta Side.  All searches were negative.  A PAR check was quickly established as crews exited the building.  After the PAR check 102 RIT was assigned to cover the Bravo and Charlie sides, while 137 and 196 R.I.T.s had the Alpha and Delta sides.  Due to water issues a Tanker Task Force was requested, due to fire throughout.  The operation became a surround operation with Master Streams.  221 Chief(Snyder) released 102 R.I.T.  102 R.I.T. stood by for just over 2 hours.  The R.I.T. marked ready at 16:30.



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