Wednesday, March 30, 2016  At 22:16 hrs. Allegheny County Communications alerted 102 RIT, 191 Rescue/Engine(Millvale), 260 Truck(Cherry City), 259 Engine(Bauerstown), 149 Engine(Etna), 247 Truck(Berkley Hills), 317(Reserve Township) for the dwelling fire in the 700 Block of Evergreen Avenue in the 191 Box(Millvale Borough).  191 Assistant(Cavanaugh) marked on scene first with smoke pushing from 3 sides, and fire in the Charlie/Delta corner.  As companies were marking on scene they were being put to work.  All hands were working on the arrival of 102 RIT, who took a staging position on side Alpha and split the crew to the Delta side.  RIT Commander 102 Chief(Marsico) requested a supplemental RIT from Company 251(Seville), for some extra manpower.  All companies made a great stop and quick work of the fire.  No RIT services were required, and 102 RIT marked ready at 23:23.




Saturday, March 26, 2016  At 14:32 102 R.I.T. was Special Called to Allegheny River Boulevard in the 221 Box(Penn Hills) for the Commercial Building Fire.  The R.I.T. Team marked up with 8 shortly after being added to the Box.  102 Engine 2 arrived and the R.I.T. reported to the Delta Side where there was a report of members trapped.  137 R.I.T.(Edgewood) had already made entry into the man door on the Delta Side.  All searches were negative.  A PAR check was quickly established as crews exited the building.  After the PAR check 102 RIT was assigned to cover the Bravo and Charlie sides, while 137 and 196 R.I.T.s had the Alpha and Delta sides.  Due to water issues a Tanker Task Force was requested, due to fire throughout.  The operation became a surround operation with Master Streams.  221 Chief(Snyder) released 102 R.I.T.  102 R.I.T. stood by for just over 2 hours.  The R.I.T. marked ready at 16:30.




Monday, March 21, 2016   At 13:11 Allegheny County Emergency Communications alerted 102 Rescue and Engine 111-2(Blawnox) for the Motor Vehicle Accident with clean up and possible medical evaluation of one occupant.  Medic 183(Parkview EMS) handled the evaluation, while 102 Rescue and Engine 111-2 handled debris and fluids.  102 Rescue marked ready at 13:48.




Sunday, March 20, 2016  At 08:53 Allegheny County Emergency Communications alerted 102 Engine 2(Aspinwall), 265 Truck(Sharpsburg), 111 Engine 2(Blawnox), 217 Engine(Pleasant Valley), 260 Truck(Cherry City), 191 R.I.T.(Millvale) and 317 R.I.T.(Reserve Township) for the reported dwelling fire in the 1600 Block of Middle Street in the 265 Box(Sharpsburg Borough). 265 Truck first arriving had heavy black smoke from the roof. The Truck split crews, one team to the roof, and one team interior to investigate. 102 Engine 2 and stood by the water source until relieved by 217 Engine. 102 Engine 2 moved up to the address and pulled 1 3/4" attack line to the Alpha Side. The interior crew found the source, which was coal burning inside a wood burner. Members of 265 Truck and 102 Engine 2 stretched the line to the location of the wood burner and extinguished the contents inside. 102 Engine 2 and 102 Rescue marked ready at 09:40.




Friday, March 18, 2016  At 08:58 Allegheny County Communications alerted 102 Rescue for a two vehicle rear-end style collision at the intersection of Freeport Road and Brilliant Avenue in the First Due. The Rescue Company(Captain Rockhill) handled fluids on the roadway. 102 Rescue marked ready at 09:10.



Engine 102-2 Comes Across A Route 28 MVA

Friday, March 18, 2016  At 08:30 as Engine 102-2 was returning for a R.I.T. Team run in the 191 Box(Millvale Borough), they came upon a Motor Vehicle Accident on Route 28 North just prior to the Highland Park Bridge. The Engine crew checked on injuries and assisted with clean up. 102 Engine marked ready at 09:10.




Monday, March 14, 2016  On Saturday afternoon March 12, 2016 Company 102 loaded up Engine 102-1(which participated in the PIttsburgh St. Patrick's Day Parade) Engine 102-2, and Squad 102, and headed out to Gator's Grille as a Company.  The members sat together for a Saturday lunch and all ordered The 102 Roll Tide Burger, which is our entry in the 2016 Burger Wars, sponsored by Gator's Grille.  The burger's name is in honor of our late Brother Firefighter Vince "Vinny Pie" Yacono, The University of Alabama being his favorite college football team.  Hopefully with all the burgers we ordered it helps to jump us up in the standings.  Thanks to all the members in attendance.  And Good Luck to all the local Fire Department's participating in The Burger Wars!




Thursday, March 3, 2016  At 12:01 Allegheny County Communications alerted 102 Rescue(Aspinwall) and 157 Rescue(Fox Chapel) for the reported Motor Vehicle Accident with entrapment.  102 Rescue marked on scene under the command of 102 Chief(Marsico) with one vehicle on all fours, with the rear drivers door needing removed.  102 Rescue crew quickly stabilized the vehicle and began to remove the door.  Once the door was removed from the vehicle 102 Rescue and 157 Rescue crews assisted Medic 181(Parkview EMS) with the removal of the patient.  102 Rescue marked ready at 12:46.




Sunday, February 21, 2016  The Aspinwall Volunteers are back in 2016 to defend their 2015 title in the Burger Wars at Gators Grille in Indiana Township.  Company 102 will be competing against other local fire departments.  Each respective fire department has built their own custom made burger.  For the duration of the contest, the most burgers ordered for each of the departments determines the champion.  Please visit Gators Grille between February 15th and March 20th and order the 102 Roll Tide Burger, to help support the Aspinwall Fire Department in this contest.  We Thank You In Advance.  And enjoy our burger!!!

Gators Grille is located at 3410 Saxonburg Boulevard in Indiana Township.


2015 Defending CHAMPIONS

2015 Defending CHAMPIONS


Multi-Vehicle Accident for The Rescue

Saturday, February 20, 2016  At 15:01 Allegheny County Communications alerted 102 Rescue(Aspinwall), 111 Engine 2(Blawnox), and 157 Rescue(Fox Chapel) for the reported multi-vehicle accident on Route 28 North 1/4 past Exit 10(R.I.D.C.).  The accident was radioed in by the Pennsylvania State Trooper on a stop in the area.  102 Rescue marked on scene and 102 Chief(Marsico) established 28 command, with multi-vehicles, debris and fluids on the road, and no entrapment.  Once PSP handled there investigation, crews from the Rescue's and the Engine cleaned up the roadway.  102 Rescue marked ready at 15:57.



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